Name: Gillian Skeen-McKee
Comment: Bravo Gilda,
You have achieved all of our dreams. The book looks wonderful and I can’t wait to have a signed copy in my hands.

Name: Rodney Richards, Friends of the Library
Comment: Gilda, you could do a formal book presentation at one of our Monday Afternoon sessions at the Library!

Name: Nancy Jewusiak
Comment: Gilda, I love your book. Everything about it is wonderful, from your story, the wonderful pictures and your writing.

Name: Umberto Mucci, Founder and CEO, WE THE ITALIANS Magazine
Comment: Thanks Gilda, I love you! Thanks for what you’ve done and you continue to do promoting the Italian culture. You are great!

Name: Judy Kolpack
Comment:  Gilda, I enjoyed your book tremendously.  Your life was lived in many different ages of human progress.
It is amazing that the development of woman’s rights and expectations unfolded in front of your 
eyes. You had many adventures that most people don’t have.  And you had many friends and family 
members to support you. 
Your life was exciting, adventurous, funny, sad, unexpected, and blessed.  You are so lucky to be you!

Name: Paula Beiger
Comment: “Before I left for vacation, I was happy to receive my signed copy of Cav. Gilda Battaglia Rorro Baldassari’s book: Gilda, Promise Me. Gilda is an awesome storyteller. I flew through the 446 pages, which was filled with the love of family and love of her Italian heritage. You start in Germantown Pa. and find yourself on exotic travels, including sampling food such as Sea slugs and deep fried crickets in Taiwan. Through all of life’s adversities, Gilda always handles them with grace, poise, and success. You’ll learn how “The Dream Castle” was erected. Did a kept promise change the course Gilda’s life? You’ll have to read Gilda, Promise Me to find out. Great summer read.”

Name: Anna Rita Lalli
Comment: I am reading the book and I am already a fan of the writer!!!