Review by Jill Simone, M.D.


Promise Me is a captivating story that follows an Italian American woman from childhood to adulthood.  She is caught between generations of old-time Italian cultural values of obedience with the need to make others happy versus a more modern progressive generation of an independent career woman determined to succeed.


Dr. Gilda Battaglia Rorro Baldassari’s narration of her life’s journey will appeal to and hold the interest of readers who like to travel, enjoy new experiences, and identify with Italian customs and generation gap issues.  She is heavily influenced by her Italian heritage and cultural traditions which shaped her life’s choices.

Gilda’s vivid descriptions of her travels around the world transport the reader to experience exotic places, visualize the beautiful sights, sounds, customs, traditions, and almost taste the cuisines of various countries. Some of her experiences at times seem bizarre and strange and are unlike anything imaginable in America.


Dr. Gilda Battaglia Rorro Baldassari’s life is well lived with happy times, sad times, hardships, and disasters.  But through it all, she manages to stay true to herself and achieve many successes and accomplishments with the goal of keeping her promise to the Pope.

Jill Simone, M.D.