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By Cav. Gilda Battaglia Rorro Baldassari, Ed.D.
IDEA PRESS, Port St. Lucie, FL, March 2018
ISBN # 978-0-9984873-8-0
Library of Congress #2018936538
Paperback, 432 Pages with 60 illustrations. $22.95

Gilda makes her way around the world and experiences the ups and downs of a career in civil rights and public service. She brings you into a conversation where her present speaks to her past, whipping up stories that attract and sustain attention while documenting a life full of adventures few women of her time could have had. With a conscience shaped by her ancestors and a curiosity piqued by modern opportunities, she navigates a man’s world with courage and class. Told in a unique voice, Gilda, Promise Me is full of life, love and faith in God and the USA.
Fred Gardaphé, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor of English and Italian American Studies,
Queens College/CUNY

Gilda, Promise Me… is a 3-dimensional journey of a universal woman. Rendezvous as her companion from the silver screen to academe; from an Italian mountain town to the Italian consulate; from Saint Joachim’s Church in Trenton to the Vatican; from treasured family memories to the world stage; laced with compassion, humor, and challenges overcome through deep spirituality.
Eileen L. Poiani, Ph.D.
Special Assistant to the President
Professor of Mathematics, Saint Peter’s University


Gilda, Promise Me takes you on a literary adventure to foreign places, to dramatic heights and to challenging paths undreamed of by most women of her generation.
Albert Stark
Lawyer, Author, Activist


Promise Me is a captivating story that follows an Italian American woman from childhood to adulthood.  She is caught between generations of old-time Italian cultural values of obedience with the need to make others happy versus a more modern progressive generation of an independent career woman determined to succeed.
Jill Simone, M.D.


The author is an award-winning classroom and television teacher. She is the author of numerous publications of the New Jersey Department of Education, and the creator of a heritage curriculum for the New Jersey Italian Heritage Commission. She appeared in full-length films and documentaries while studying at the National University in Mexico City and taught on Tri/State television for the Philadelphia Board of Education.
Gilda was appointed Honorary Vice Consul and Consular Correspondent by the Consul General of Italy in Philadelphia, who nominated her to receive the prestigious “Cavalierato” award. The capstone of her honorary consular career was being Knighted by the President of Italy.

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