Promise Me, a Memoir by Cav. Gilda Battaglia Rorro Baldassari

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Name: Linda Lucuski, PT, DPT
Comment: I much prefer reading over watching television and have read quite a few biographies.   I must say that your autobiography was the best I have read; you allow the reader to come into your heart and experience the good and “not so good” events in your life.  I think that I enjoyed it even more because I know you and in my limited contact with you, I have realized what a unique and wonderful person you are.

Thank you so much for sharing your life with me and the world via your book.


Name: Gillian Skeen-McKee
Comment: Bravo Gilda,
You have achieved all of our dreams. The book looks wonderful and I can’t wait to have a signed copy in my hands.


Name: Rodney Richards
Comment: Gilda, you could do a formal book presentation at one of our Monday Afternoon sessions at the Library.